Moringa Oil Is Friendly To The Touch

Published: 21st October 2010
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If you have not heard of moringa oleifera, it is a species of tree originally native to India that is now heavily cultivated around the world for its leaves and oil. Moringa oleifera is an amazing little tree. The leaves of the moringa tree are packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants, qualifying moringa as a true superfood. Along with its nutrient-dense leaves, the moringa tree produces produces large pods full of seeds that are harvested yearly for their oil. Moringa seeds can yield up to 40% oil by weight, an impressive number for any plant used to extract oil.

Moringa oil is a clear or pale yellow oil with a nutty flavor. It is used in cooking, health and beauty products, and as a light lubricant for things like massage. Moringa oil's natural antioxidant power makes it one of the most stable oils in the world, with a shelf life of up to five years or longer. Although it is not well known to most people concerned with health and beauty, moringa oil, also known as ben oil, is one of the most sought after oils in the cosmetics industry. Moringa oil is rich with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it highly desirable for wrinkle reducing skin creams and moisturizers.

Moringa oil contains a high level of oleic acid, also found in olive oil, which is considered one of the healthiest types of oil. Moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin and brings its nutrients further than most oils. The vitamins and minerals from moringa oil are easily absorbed by the body, improving the nutrient balance of skin tissue. Moringa oil is preferred for many costmetic products aimed at revitalizing and nourishing the skin. Extracts from moringa oil are also found in many spa and salon grade beauty products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and soaps.

In addition to health and beauty products, moringa oil is also used to capture the essense of exotic scents in the perfume industry. Because it is so stable, moringa oil can infuse even the most difficult natural scents, such as the scents found in jasmine flowers. This process, called enfleurage, combines flower petals and oil for long periods of time, allowing the flower's fragrant compounds to seep into the oil. The oil is then separated with alcohol, leaving behind the flower's essential oils. Moringa oil is a preferred oil for enfleurage because its high levels of stabilizing antioxidants and long shelf life are ideal for preserving essential oils for extended periods of time.

Like many plant oils, moringa is a non-drying oil, staying liquid without forming a film or hardening when exposed to the air. Because moringa oil is so stable and rich with nutrients, it is also a preferred oil for massage, either by itself or in combination with other oils, such as jojoba seed oil. The high absorption level of moringa oil in the skin makes it an excellent choice for massage work because it does not build up on the skin and slowly absorbs into the skin, providing nutrients as well as lubrication.

Pure moringa oil can be found from a reputable moringa oil supplier. Most of the suppliers carrying moringa oil today resell moringa oil that they purchase from a larger supplier. If you look, you can also find a moringa oil supplier with their own organic moringa oil sourced from small farms. These suppliers will provide you with superior moringa oil that is packed full with nutrients, so get in touch with one of them and buy a bottle of moringa oil for yourself. A bottle of pure moringa oil is a wonderful addition to any household. Moringa oil has many benefits and will reward you well for your investment.

Moringa oil is a wonderful product and there is much more to know about the moringa oleifera seeds. Stop by MoringaSource to learn more about organic moringa oil and the many benefits it can provide you.

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